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Intervox is Production Music

We are a music library specifically designed for film, television, radio, advertising and new media productions.

We own and represent a wide-ranging and diverse catalogue with more than 100,000 tracks, distributed across multiple labels, each one with its own unique style and with exclusive music crafted by professional composers.


The music solution for every audio visual production


We offer an extensive selection of music organized into categories, moods, and genres, enabling you to create an impactful product - for broadcasters, production companies developing TV programs and shows, ad agencies, music supervisors, and new media creators.

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The Intervox Production Music Group

Intervox Production Music is a leading international publisher founded in 2002 with subsidiaries in Munich, London, Rome and Madrid. In 2017 Intervox acquired the British company and library, Reliable Source Music, making the publishing group a major music provider for the audio visual industry in Europe.



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