// ivox427 May I Help U //
01 Tiny World 01:50 Shy Filmscore, gentle piano, amiable, sensitive helper Download Track-Cuesheet Comfort Zone
02 Flight Mode 01:51 Light Atmosphere, soaring pads, piano, faithful, floating Download Track-Cuesheet Comfort Zone
03 Your Favorite Gadget 01:37 Tender Filmscore, warm piano, attentive, caring, reliable Download Track-Cuesheet Comfort Zone
04 Cotton 01:40 Positive Atmosphere, calm piano, synth, dreamy, faithful Download Track-Cuesheet Comfort Zone
05 Name Your Gadget 02:22 Floating Ambient-Folk, peaceful guitars, pads, true friends Download Track-Cuesheet Comfort Zone
06 Intelligent Device 02:18 Smart Ambient-Pop, carefree piano, pizzicato, bound, kind Download Track-Cuesheet Comfort Zone
07 Electronics And Gadgets 01:39 Serene Ambient, soft pads, synth, faithful companion Download Track-Cuesheet Comfort Zone
08 Comfortable Ways 01:51 Emotional Indie-Pop, gentle piano, guitars, empathetic Download Track-Cuesheet Unlimited Possibilities
09 Live And Love 02:08 Warm Indie-Pop, flowery piano, happy, relaxed, caring Download Track-Cuesheet Unlimited Possibilities
10 Big Skylines 02:22 Emotional Ambient-Pop, gentle piano, enjoying, calm Download Track-Cuesheet Unlimited Possibilities
11 Beautiful Real 02:19 Caring Filmscore, bloomy strings, piano, deep friendship Download Track-Cuesheet Unlimited Possibilities
12 Three Dimensional Love 02:15 Floating Ambient, relaxed guitars, pads, reliable helper Download Track-Cuesheet Unlimited Possibilities
13 Urban Rhodes 01:45 Serene Ambient, floating guitars, pads, enduring, peaceful Download Track-Cuesheet Unlimited Possibilities
14 Creative Gadget 01:42 Calm Ambient-Folk, peaceful guitars, floating, intimate Download Track-Cuesheet Happy To Help
15 Future Tools 02:08 Blooming Ambient, floating pads, synths, even-tempered Download Track-Cuesheet Happy To Help
16 Cool Gadgets 01:48 Sparkling Ambient-Pop, positive strings, piano, happy helper Download Track-Cuesheet Happy To Help
17 The Right Way 03:08 Floating Ambient, relaxed pads, piano, ongoing, reliable Download Track-Cuesheet Happy To Help
18 Imago 02:12 Fascinating Atmosphere, enigmatic synths, piano, relieved Download Track-Cuesheet Happy To Help
19 Shiny Little Gadgets 02:05 Sweet Ambient-Pop, amicable guitars, pads, light, familiar Download Track-Cuesheet Happy To Help
20 Practical Helpers 01:40 Positive Ambient-Pop, soft guitars, supportive, facilitating Download Track-Cuesheet Happy To Help
21 App 2000 02:13 Modern Ambient, pleasant synths, airy, high life quality Download Track-Cuesheet Artificial Intelligence
22 Wearable Technology 02:31 Futuristic Ambient, blurry synths, augmented, transcendent Download Track-Cuesheet Artificial Intelligence
23 Living Smart 02:02 Floating Ambient, bloomy synths, fascinating future Download Track-Cuesheet Artificial Intelligence
24 Smart Assistant 01:52 Promising Ambient, soaring bells, piano, pads, prospective Download Track-Cuesheet Artificial Intelligence
25 Smart Times 02:09 Blooming Atmosphere, calm synths, piano, aspiring future Download Track-Cuesheet Artificial Intelligence
26 Digital Reality 02:12 Serene Ambient, floating piano, pads, fascinating, positive Download Track-Cuesheet Artificial Intelligence
27 Train Of Thought 01:52 Fateful Atmosphere, blurry piano, pad, obscured, enigmatic Download Track-Cuesheet Anonymous Assistants
28 Lesson Learned 01:47 Uncertain Atmosphere, repetitive synths, pads, obfuscated Download Track-Cuesheet Anonymous Assistants
29 Time Traveller 01:41 Illusive Atmosphere, mysterious piano, synth, optimistic Download Track-Cuesheet Anonymous Assistants
30 Positive Enterprise 03:08 Obfuscated Atmosphere, aspiring piano, guitar, inspiring Download Track-Cuesheet Anonymous Assistants
31 Red Green Go 02:50 Sparkling Atmosphere, mystic synths, mysterious, fascinating Download Track-Cuesheet Anonymous Assistants
32 Smart Device 02:21 Thoughtful Atmosphere, mysterious piano, blurry, deceptive Download Track-Cuesheet Anonymous Assistants
33 Analog Passion 01:51 Deceptive Atmosphere, dark pads, synths, mysterious Download Track-Cuesheet Anonymous Assistants
Album Description:

May I Help U? Uplifting tunes for digital comfort zones within unlimited digital services – artificial intelligence and smart tech included. Anonymous friend or enemy?