// ivox426 Let's Go //
01 Walking In Sunshine 02:37 Feel-good Acappella-Pop, joyful whistling, snapping, uplifting Download Track-Cuesheet Sunshine Ahead
02 Warm Daylight 01:43 Warm Folk-Pop, bright ukulele, whistling, guitars, carefree Download Track-Cuesheet Sunshine Ahead
03 Happy Sunshine 02:02 Uplifting Acappella-Pop, positive vocals, whistling, sunny, happy Download Track-Cuesheet Sunshine Ahead
04 Happy And Free 01:18 Sunny Folk-Pop, joyful ukulele, whistling, fleet-footed Download Track-Cuesheet Sunshine Ahead
05 Sunny Day Off 01:25 Positive Pop, sunny vocals, whistling, carefree, light, happy Download Track-Cuesheet Sunshine Ahead
06 Good Feeling 01:59 Uplifting Folk-Pop, joyful vocals, ukulele, summery, buoyant Download Track-Cuesheet Sunshine Ahead
07 Up To You 01:38 Bright Folk-Pop, light whistling, ukulele, sunny, enjoying Download Track-Cuesheet Hammock Time
08 A Breath Of Happiness 01:36 Gentle Folk-Pop, french accordion, whistling, perfect day Download Track-Cuesheet Hammock Time
09 Wonderful Whistle Walk 02:00 Positive Acappella-Pop, whistling, vocals, light, elated, carefree Download Track-Cuesheet Hammock Time
10 Whistle Your Sorrows Away 02:10 Funny Acappella-Pop, carefree whistling, vocals, happy, laid-back Download Track-Cuesheet Hammock Time
11 Charming Guy 01:28 Happy Folk-Pop, light whistling, ukulele, vocals, cool, funny Download Track-Cuesheet Hammock Time
12 Children Of The Sun 01:34 Elated Folk-Pop, positive vocals, ukulele, bells, carefree, natural Download Track-Cuesheet Hammock Time
13 Jolly Whistleblower 02:02 Impish Acappella-Pop, carefree whistling, vocals, relaxed Download Track-Cuesheet Hammock Time
14 Wednesday Morning 01:27 Comic Pop, serene piano, whistling, funny, grateful, fleet-footed Download Track-Cuesheet Last Days Of Summer
15 Chamomile Song 01:39 Gentle Acappella-Pop, breathy vocals, e-piano, dreamy, velvet Download Track-Cuesheet Last Days Of Summer
16 Boom Shalala 01:22 Positive Acappella-Pop, bum shalala vocals, carefree, sunny Download Track-Cuesheet Last Days Of Summer
17 Urban Spring 01:32 Serene Ambient-Folk, dreamy guitar, whistling, peaceful Download Track-Cuesheet Last Days Of Summer
18 Sweet Sunny Life 02:11 Warm Folk, calm guitar, whistling, happy, serene, even-tempered Download Track-Cuesheet Last Days Of Summer
19 Funny Honey Day 01:48 Happy Acappella-Pop, joyful whistling, vocals, warm, relaxed Download Track-Cuesheet Playing Around
20 Bright Side Of Summer 01:38 Uplifting Acappella-Pop, sunny piano, whistling, vocals, buoyant Download Track-Cuesheet Playing Around
21 Nice Conversation 01:36 Lively Swing-Pop, happy vocals, bells, playful kids, funny Download Track-Cuesheet Playing Around
22 Smile All Day 01:34 Positive Acappella-Pop, warm vocals, whistling, carefree Download Track-Cuesheet Playing Around
23 Where Are The Girls 01:43 Happy Acappella-Pop, cheerful vocals, whistling, serene, easy Download Track-Cuesheet Playing Around
24 Acappella Happy 01:08 Serene Acappella-Pop, positive vocals, whistling, a bight day Download Track-Cuesheet Playing Around
25 Sunglasses Recovered 01:30 Funny Polka-Pop, lively whistling, brass, vocals, frisky, clownish Download Track-Cuesheet Playing Around
26 Cutie Pies 01:16 Sweet Acappella-Pop, sunny vocals, whistling, open-minded Download Track-Cuesheet Playing Around
27 Fun And Sun 02:02 Feel-good Latin-Pop, uplifting ukulele, vocals, perfect summer day Download Track-Cuesheet Playing Around
28 Just Relax 02:04 Light Pop, bright whistling, guitars, grateful, open-minded Download Track-Cuesheet Playing Around
29 Acapella Jam 01:53 Happy Acappella-Pop, serene vocals, whistling, good mooded Download Track-Cuesheet Playing Around
30 Cool As A Cucumber 01:41 Hilarious Country-Pop, positive guitars, whistling, sunny Download Track-Cuesheet Watch Me
31 Happy Boy 01:15 Groovy Acappella-Pop, funny whistling, vocals, hilarious Download Track-Cuesheet Watch Me
32 Whistling The Blues 01:08 Comic Acappella-Pop, positive vocals, whistling, good-mooded Download Track-Cuesheet Watch Me
33 Whistle And Walk 01:42 Cheerful Acappella-Pop, uplifting vocals, whistling, elated Download Track-Cuesheet Watch Me
Album Description:

Sunshine ahead! Uplifting a capella and whistling mix for hammock times, heading to the beach and endless days of summer.