// ivox424 Latest News //
01 Good Evening 01:55 Pulsating Atmosphere, warm synths, pads, news feed Download Track-Cuesheet Soft News
02 Change Is Coming 01:51 Mysterious Atmosphere, tense marimba, bells, news ticker Download Track-Cuesheet Soft News
03 Diplomatic Balance 01:45 Serene Ambient, floating bells, xylophone, relaxed, calm Download Track-Cuesheet Soft News
04 Global Climate Change 02:11 Futuristic Atmosphere, calm synths, ecological, biosphere Download Track-Cuesheet Soft News
05 Broken News 01:44 Investigative Electronica, pulsating synth, strings, tense Download Track-Cuesheet Soft News
06 Headlines 02:11 Determined Filmscore, optimistic strings, world affairs Download Track-Cuesheet Soft News
07 International Politics 03:22 Pulsating Atmosphere, ticking synths, modern news ticker Download Track-Cuesheet Global News
08 Thrilling Election 02:21 Investigative Ambient, mysterious bells, dark, political news Download Track-Cuesheet Global News
09 All News 02:33 Ticking Electronica, pulsating synths, tense, covert, dark Download Track-Cuesheet Global News
10 Neutral Moves 02:07 Expectant Electronica, soft bells, strings, tense, economic Download Track-Cuesheet Global News
11 News For You 02:04 Tense Electronica, blurry piano, strings, synths, investigative Download Track-Cuesheet Global News
12 News Time 01:56 Pulsating Electronica, ticking synths, strings, news feed Download Track-Cuesheet Global News
13 Political Time 01:32 Modern Electronica, soft mallets, synth, serene, expectant Download Track-Cuesheet Trend News
14 Spy Hoax 01:30 Confident Electronica, groovy kalimba, synth, modern Download Track-Cuesheet Trend News
15 Surreal News 01:15 Expectant Electronica, mysterious synths, covert, suspicious Download Track-Cuesheet Trend News
16 Neutral Line 01:53 Floating Ambient, mystic piano, synths, deep, investigative Download Track-Cuesheet Trend News
17 Dawn On 01:35 Relaxed Ambient, soft piano, pads, synths, calm, floating Download Track-Cuesheet Trend News
18 Economic Debates 02:30 Focused Electronica, confident synths, political analytics Download Track-Cuesheet Trend News
19 News Flash 01:34 Investigative Electronica, tense synths, determined, political Download Track-Cuesheet Uncovering The Truth
20 Summit Outcome 02:13 Determined Electronica, investigative synths, piano, calm Download Track-Cuesheet Uncovering The Truth
21 Politics News 02:15 Mysterious Atmosphere, dark piano, synths, determined Download Track-Cuesheet Uncovering The Truth
22 Lobbyists 01:40 Covert Electronica, nervous synths, focused, suspicious Download Track-Cuesheet Uncovering The Truth
23 Corrupt 01:40 Suspicious Atmosphere, mysterious bells, piano, questioning Download Track-Cuesheet Uncovering The Truth
24 Analytics Of Events 01:40 Futuristic Electronica, pulsating synths, analytic, focused Download Track-Cuesheet Background Stories
25 World Diaries 02:47 Mysterious Electronica, tense synths, piano, dark, covert Download Track-Cuesheet Background Stories
26 Latest Updates 01:38 Covert Electronica, tense synths, piano, unknown, calm Download Track-Cuesheet Background Stories
27 Fake News 01:40 Dark Electronica, pulsating synths, investigative, covert Download Track-Cuesheet Background Stories
28 Currents 01:48 Determined Electronica, pulsating synths, covert, secretly Download Track-Cuesheet Background Stories
29 Flowing Info 01:49 Threatening Atmosphere, uneasy piano pads, deceptive Download Track-Cuesheet Background Stories
30 Global Affairs 01:31 Determined Filmscore, heroic orchestra, classic news teaser Download Track-Cuesheet Breaking News
31 Essential News 01:43 Futuristic Atmosphere, determined synths, tense, deceptive Download Track-Cuesheet Breaking News
32 Ticking And Important 01:34 Insistent Atmosphere, mysterious strings, investigative Download Track-Cuesheet Breaking News
33 Continuous News Feed 01:55 Calm Atmosphere, futuristic synths, precarious, optimistic Download Track-Cuesheet Breaking News
Album Description:

Newsfeed footage: Neutrally ongoing to tense and breaking news beds for any soft to dramatically urgent topic that is coming up in your news ticker.