// ivox375 Grand Athletes //
01 Become A Champion 02:24 Dramatic Filmscore, sublime strings, piano, proud, strong Download Track-Cuesheet Great Career
02 Run For Gold 03:52 Proud Filmscore, monumental strings, piano, patriotic Download Track-Cuesheet Great Career
03 Attain The Sky 01:41 Heroic Filmscore, brave orchestra, building up, victorious Download Track-Cuesheet Great Career
04 Rise Of A Legend 01:48 Monumental Filmscore, sublime orchestra, proud victory Download Track-Cuesheet Great Career
05 Break Your Limits 02:32 Moving Filmscore, proud choir, orchestra, path of victory Download Track-Cuesheet Great Career
06 Glorious Winner 02:24 Sublime Filmscore, proud orchestra, moving, having faith Download Track-Cuesheet Great Career
07 Cinematic Score 02:17 Big Filmscore, powerful orchestra, weary but victorious Download Track-Cuesheet Great Career
08 A Long Way To The Top 02:46 Touching Filmscore, relieved piano, strings, finally made it Download Track-Cuesheet Great Career
09 The Five Stars 02:05 Emotional Filmscore, rising orchestra, happy, triumphant Download Track-Cuesheet Great Career
10 Triumphant 01:30 Proud Filmscore, dramatic orchestra, no one can stop me Download Track-Cuesheet Great Career
11 Only One Shot 02:15 Dramatic Filmscore, mournful orchestra, grueling but proud Download Track-Cuesheet Dramatic Journey
12 Up To The Top 01:52 Uplifting Filmscore, sublime orchestra, determined, proud Download Track-Cuesheet Dramatic Journey
13 Destiny Is Calling 02:27 Downcast Filmscore, proud orchestra, never giving up Download Track-Cuesheet Dramatic Journey
14 Way To Success 01:58 Moving Filmscore, monumental orchestra, triumphant, proud Download Track-Cuesheet Dramatic Journey
15 The Last Standing 03:24 Emotional Filmscore, big orchestra, vulnerable but proud Download Track-Cuesheet Dramatic Journey
16 The Road Of The Winners 02:22 Proud Filmscore, moving orchestra, triumphant, sublime Download Track-Cuesheet Dramatic Journey
17 Climb That Mountain 02:11 Sublime Filmscore, heroic orchestra, choir, proud, inspiring Download Track-Cuesheet Dramatic Journey
18 Above All Heights 01:33 Touching Filmscore, moving orchestra, love and victory Download Track-Cuesheet Dramatic Journey
19 Human Victory 01:33 Sentimental Filmscore, touching orchestra, triumphant Download Track-Cuesheet Dramatic Journey
20 Chase And Win 01:47 Encouraging Filmscore, proud orchestra, sublime, heroic Download Track-Cuesheet Dramatic Journey
21 Will Go Ahead 01:41 Touching Filmscore, powerful orchestra, rising phoenix Download Track-Cuesheet Dramatic Journey
22 Middle Of May 02:39 Warm Filmscore, emotional piano, strings, lovingly, proud Download Track-Cuesheet Personal Success
23 Very First Steps 01:43 Bright Indie-Pop, encouraging guitars, strings, great final Download Track-Cuesheet Personal Success
24 Winners Song 02:13 Touching Rock-Ballad, sentimental piano, strings, victorious Download Track-Cuesheet Personal Success
25 Meeting The Challenge 02:03 Encouraging Filmscore, rising strings, underdog phoenix Download Track-Cuesheet Personal Success
26 Athlete Story 01:39 Heroic Filmscore, proud orchestra, plain & gladiatorial Download Track-Cuesheet Personal Success
27 Magical Heaven 02:13 Uplifting Filmscore, bright orchestra, touching, sublime Download Track-Cuesheet Personal Success
28 Award For Achievements 01:41 Bright Filmscore, proud orchestra, heroic, sunny, victorious Download Track-Cuesheet Personal Success
29 Evolving Evolution 01:33 Reflective Filmscore, touching strings, looking back proudly Download Track-Cuesheet Personal Success
30 Master It 01:37 Uplifting Filmscore, proud strings, prevailing, bright, sublime Download Track-Cuesheet Personal Success
31 Made Of Platinum 02:19 Proud Filmscore, sublime orchestra, touching, inspiring Download Track-Cuesheet Personal Success
32 Before Departure 01:48 Majestic Filmscore, bright orchestra, proud, honored Download Track-Cuesheet Personal Success
33 The Dream 01:56 Serene Pop-Song, male vocals, emotional, follow your dreams Download Track-Cuesheet Personal Success
Album Description:

A legend is born! The fraction of a second is the difference between a mere gold medal and a real record-breaker. Powerful to dramatic tunes for unforgettable moments in sports history.