// bib040 Drugs //
01 Hot Deal 01:46 Dark Electronica-Hip Hop, heavy synth, determined, cool Download Track-Cuesheet Let's Try Something New
02 Not A Good Idea 01:42 Groovy Hip Hop-Rock, mysterious guitars, cool, sneaky Download Track-Cuesheet Let's Try Something New
03 Stoned 01:47 Mysterious Hip-Hop, dark synth, guitar, seductive, tense Download Track-Cuesheet Let's Try Something New
04 Drugged Brain 02:15 Tense Electronica-Hip Hop, dark synths, furtive, focused Download Track-Cuesheet Let's Try Something New
05 Heavy Side Effects 02:30 Fateful Atmosphere, female sobbing, lost but hopeful Download Track-Cuesheet Let's Try Something New
06 Drug Mule 01:50 Tense Filmscore, mysterious synths, focused & furtive Download Track-Cuesheet Let's Try Something New
07 Narcotic Madness 02:04 Mystic Atmosphere, gloomy pads, scary, uneasy & evil Download Track-Cuesheet Let's Try Something New
08 Bad Angel 01:46 Determined Hip Hop, pushing synths, focused & furtive Download Track-Cuesheet Drugs & Crime
09 Dirty Drugs 02:25 Tense Hip Hop, marching drums, calm, determined, cool Download Track-Cuesheet Drugs & Crime
10 Crack Dealer 02:15 Aggressive Dubstep, dark synths, mysterious, determined Download Track-Cuesheet Drugs & Crime
11 Fact 02:35 Evil Electronica, tense synths, threatening, dark & furtive Download Track-Cuesheet Drugs & Crime
12 It's Getting Darker 02:30 Mysterious Electronica, deep bass, synths, tense, gloomy Download Track-Cuesheet Drugs & Crime
13 Beat Addiction 02:29 Propulsive Dubstep-Techno, energetic synths, bass, motivating Download Track-Cuesheet Party & Ecstasy
14 Blade's Edge 02:32 Floating Ambient-Dubstep, mystic vocals, high, colorful Download Track-Cuesheet Party & Ecstasy
15 Illegal Energy 02:22 Pushing Electronica, propulsive synths, determined, cool Download Track-Cuesheet Party & Ecstasy
16 Whiteliner 02:25 Hypnotizing Ambient-House, mystic pads, synths, floating, calm Download Track-Cuesheet Party & Ecstasy
17 Little Monsters 01:32 Propulsive Dubstep, growling synths, mad then balanced Download Track-Cuesheet Horror Trip
18 Tango With Needle 01:43 Confusing Electronica, powerful synths, delusional, mad Download Track-Cuesheet Horror Trip
19 Psychedelic 02:25 Aggressive Dubstep, psychotic synths, insane, delusional Download Track-Cuesheet Horror Trip
20 Acid Dreams 02:15 Gloomy Atmosphere, powerful pads, trapped in minds Download Track-Cuesheet Horror Trip
21 Facing Cold Turkey 01:43 Mystic Ambient, tense synths, threatening & mysterious Download Track-Cuesheet Horror Trip
22 Sub Zero Trip 02:27 Confused Atmosphere, gloomy sounds, insane & trapped Download Track-Cuesheet Horror Trip
23 Changing Life 03:28 Hypnotizing Filmscore, gentle piano, melancholic, thoughtful Download Track-Cuesheet Downward Spiral
24 Into The Black 01:28 Thoughtful Filmscore, gentle pads, piano, looking back Download Track-Cuesheet Downward Spiral
25 Purple Grey Perception 02:13 Mysterious Filmscore, gloomy pads, careful, dangerous Download Track-Cuesheet Downward Spiral
26 Dark Reality 02:09 Dark Ambient, calm pads, self-searching, lost & strange Download Track-Cuesheet Downward Spiral
27 Dusty 01:30 Oppressive Ambient, dreary pads, without prospects Download Track-Cuesheet So High
28 Flight To Nirvana 01:38 Gloomy Atmosphere, scary noises, horror-trip & uneasy Download Track-Cuesheet So High
29 Throw It All 02:09 Melancholic Ambient, thoughtful guitar, all is lost, cold Download Track-Cuesheet So High
30 Colorful Dreams 02:29 Uneasy Ambient, atmospheric pads, melancholic, relaxed Download Track-Cuesheet So High
31 Blame It On Drugs 01:59 Groovy 70ies-Rock, cool guitars, happy & high on drugs Download Track-Cuesheet Only The Good Die Young
32 I'm OK 02:27 Happy Reggae-Rock, positive vocals, optimistic, stoned Download Track-Cuesheet Only The Good Die Young
33 The Pusher 03:48 Cool Funk-Rock, happy vocals, the nice live of a drug dealer Download Track-Cuesheet Only The Good Die Young
Album Description:

Whatever new kinds of synthetic or natural drugs, we still face the same problem: addiction. This album offers tracks for any story about drugs, from party moods such as “let’s try something new” and “only the good die young” to the bitter end of the downward spiral leading to social isolation, crime and horror trips.